Poster Design

The mandate of this project was to come up with a theme for our graduating vernissage that describes us as a class and us as graphic designers. The challenge was coming up with the theme, then putting it all together into a poster.  The approach when I came up with BOOM/BLOOM was to describe us as both blooming out as s student to the real world as well as booming to become something greater then we’ve envisioned.

Whoops | Wow vs. Boom | Bloom

Before the creation of the final poster, I had to come up with two different themes and create semi comps. My original idea was the theme of “whoops and wow”, since as designers, it’s the accidents that make the best designs. In the end, that idea got scratched out and I ended up going with the boom/bloom, since I felt it fits better as a graduating class.

The creation of the poster

In my final design, the bright yellow and blue really brings out the power of the BOOM. The aim was to create an odd and unusual typographic poster that would capture the eye. As a graduating graphic designer, we have bloomed and boomed in our knowledge and it’s important to show that you’re able to get out of your comfort zone and do something weird and funky. The “L” is white so that people are able to read it both ways as BOOM and BLOOM.

The end result

The end resulted in an interesting typographic and dynamic poster that describes us as designers and that makes the eye move everywhere.

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